The sharing economy is a big trend these days. Peer to peer sharing happens more and more. But when you borrow or lend something from somebody, the last thing you want is it to break or get stolen. And if that happens, are you insured?


OHRA car loan insurance

July-November 2016

With OHRA we created a product that gives customers the opportunity to insure a product for a short period. To get better insights in which customer groups would match whith such a service, we did customer discovery using in depth interviews. Based on the feedback we learned that there is a real problem: The risk of damaged goods when you borrow them, this risk is not covered and to get it covered is quite a hassle.

As soon as we worked out the problem solution fit, we proceeded with the value proposition. The main question we set for the value proposition was: for what product group would this insurance be most interesting? Based on a value proposition experiment in which we did A/B-testing with several landing pages we learned that this product fits best to the car insurance market.

With a clear problem solution fit and a good converting value proposition we created a concierge experiment. The concierge experiment is a way of real life testing a product without completely building it, everything in the proces is done manually. This experiment gave us a lot of insights regarding the product market fit and possible risks.

Currently we are working on the next phase in the product development cycle: growth.

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