2-day Crowd Consulting for the Red Cross

Being able to develop concepts and products the lean startup way is one of the most in demand skill for any young professional nowadays. Together with Young Colfield we developed a two day bootcamp in which trainees and alumni's of Young Colfield worked side by side with Makerlab to develop innovative new services to engage people towards the Red Cross.


Red Cross crowd consulting

October 2016

To help the Red Cross we came up with an assignment for the trainees and alumni of Young Colfield. This assignment was: “How do we activate young people in the age group of 25 – 40 to engage with the Red Cross”.

On the first day a discovery and an ideation session took place after these sessions five ideas were selected. These ideas were further developed with a feature listing session. After wards there was a growth hacking presentation was held in which the participants learned how the ideas would be able to grow in the future. After writing down the different value proposition, it was time to validate the ideas with the target audience. The bootcamp ended with a pitch session of all the ideas. One of the ideas was chosen by the Red Cross to be further developed.

The following ideas were created and validated during the bootcamp:

  • Buy Some, Give some. A browser plugin which gives you the ability to donate every time you are doing an e-commerce transaction a small amount of money to a chosen project.
  • Festivolunteers. By doing voluntary work on festivals for the Red Cross you would earn a free festival entrance ticket.
  • Real Donating. The main reason why people are not donating is because: they don’t have time for it or they don’t know what’s going to happen with their money. The real donating app would solve this problem by giving you insights into what is going to happen with the money you donated and the option to donate some money to one of these projects.
  • Good Things Happen. A location based app which shows all the good initiatives nearby, so you can participate in a very approachable way
  • Helping Holiday. Everybody wants to volunteer for the Red Cross if possible. The barrier a lot of youth is facing is the longtime commitment that is needed to volunteer. With Helping Holiday “The Tripadvisor for good causes” you combine volunteering with your holiday, which results in a unique experience.


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