Sander Goudswaard

Program Manager
+31 6 41 36 81 66

Sander has a background in managing a wide range of digital driven projects in the photography and web development industry and was a university teacher in internal communication and networking relations. His first aspiration was to become an air traffic controller.

For Sander, a successful day at the office is a day in which he gained more energy than he spent, which is usually the case. He finds it hard, though, to be faced with the smell of peanut butter during office lunch breaks. He believes it’s God’s way of torturing humanity. Driving home on his motorbike, pondering over another great day, Sander always looks forward to the time he is going to spend with his girlfriend, friends or family.

At the weekend Sander plays football and goes to see his favorite team play, Sparta Rotterdam. He is such a fan that he even published a book about the club. Still, he finds the time to listen to metal, jazz, blues, classical, rock and folk music or catch up on his reading. At the end of the day he collapses into his favorite chair, wearing sweatpants, to do, finally, absolutely nothing.