Roderick Martens

Partner MakerLab
+31 (0) 6 55 20 80 34

Roderick has over ten years of experience in digital product development, marketing and commercial innovations. He developed membership programs, introduced and several digital products, launched the online performance department at Sanoma, and was product owner of the largest digital news platform of the Netherlands: Helping organizations develop and innovate their products has always been his passion.

At MakerLab, Roderick can combine great people with a deep understanding of the impact of technology together with extreme customer focus, which in his view leads to the creation of fantastic new products. He always tries to find the perfect balance between delivering the best programs for clients and understanding their needs and opportunities via constant contact with businesses and markets.

Being a founder himself (he started a company in beauty boxes several years ago) Roderick gained a ton of valuable insights about men’s beauty products. In his spare time he plays the drums and tries to exercise at least three times a week. He is aware of the fact that he will soon face the first of many defeats against his two young boys, playing the PS4.