Joris van Heukelom

Founder MakerLab
+31 (0) 6 13 07 21 52

Joris co-founded Makerstreet in 2011 after being positioned as the CEO of the digital brands within Sanoma Media for four years. Before that Joris worked in telecom and television for nearly ten years. He obtained a Masters in Marketing & Advertising and in Communication Science in his native country Belgium and was a popular DJ from 1984 until 1998. Remarkably, the moment the music scene turned digital, he went in a different digital direction.

Joris believes the world is stuck in inertia, which is unsafe if businesses have the ambition to endure. Thus he is always trying to put individuals and groups of people in motion, starting from the fundamental idea that everything can be done better. For Joris, people are more interesting than businesses because in his view they cannot be separated, certainly not in a world where knowledge workers rule.