The risk-averse governance-model is dead

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OHRA Zorgaccelerator
Two day workshop @Young Colfield


One person is not a team

We often work with with product development teams to help them validate customer value, build experiment to test assumptions and eventually prototyping their product or service. During these sessions we often encounter specific challenges getting the team going. This mainly has two reasons.

Voting for the best idea


The rise of the electric two wheelers

I once made a pretty badass crash with a Segway, days before starting my new job. Needless to say, I did not feel very well on that Monday: bruised and battered from the crash I was nearly able to walk.


Leverage your insider know-how

If we work with corporates, we often have to learn some things ourselves. Let’s take banking: a complex set of products with a complex set of customers with very, very specific problems.


The Corporate Context: a model for corporates to get innovation to work

The last few years we worked with a lot of corporates to improve their speed of innovation and  bring them makerskills and lean startup methodologies. Personally I don’t think there’s a silver bullet for corporate innovation, but working on these big corporates got us a lot of insights. This blogpost is aimed to summarize my insights on the last few years with the introduction of a corporate-model.


Kicking off Sanoma Learning Lab

Starting the ideation process in five different countries



7 secrets why corporates are losing it

Recently, I organised a session at the Newco event and I gave a short lecture on why corporates are losing it. I’ve gathered 7 topics which you should be focussing on.


Our recap from Intrapreneurship Conference 2015 London

Last week we attended the Intrapreneurship Conference in London. Joris presented the Corporate Context Model during his keynote (more on that later). In the afternoon, it was my turn to run an interactive workshop. Here’s what we did & learned.